“If you are reading this, the chances are that either by motu proprio or by digitally flânuering social media or as consequence of some crazy algorithm or the ‘if you like this, you’ll also like that’, you are most likely already part of a ‘visual bond’ that ties you to the work of Andrés Reisinger. As we speed up through Instagram’s never ending flat landscape, we begin to lose our ability to stay fully conscious and discern our decisions. We lose track of time and space, of disciplines and pre-conceived notions, and start acting out of mere reflex (or basic instinct), developing almost a nervous tic, a contemporary symptom of our times. Yet, as we stumble upon one of Andrés’ meticulously crafted, sensuous, quasi-tactile digital images, we find a moment of quietness where our subconscious rests and finds peace. We rejoice in these impossible seductive spaces that embrace a few simple objects and formal decisions, insurmountable lighting, inconceivable textures and unattainable settings only to be found in the most comforting dreams and lush memories.

Having said this, for Quick Tiny Shows and in line with our experimental approach, we purposefully decided to bring to life for the first time one of the artist’s metaphysical spaces. But why materialize such a plastic reality, as Giorgio de Chirico once said of his work? What would be the point of physically constructing a scene whose beauty and strength relies heavily on its mystery and implausibility for its very “effectiveness”? I believe its criticality lies precisely on this transmediation. The work comes to life at the moment when the image looks back at us; the moment we snap out of the dream; the moment the entirety of the virtual Project falls apart, it is stripped out to its bare bones, far away from the symbolic and imaginary realms. Look hard for those construction details that point to the appearance of concealed knowledge that ought to have remained hidden from us, when the distinction between the imagination and reality is effaced. Stay alert for those uncanny minutiae that will grip, horrify you, and generate a certain feeling of dissatisfaction, dread and terror, all at the same time.”

Juan García Mosqueda
Tel Aviv, Israel

Photos: Javier Agustín Rojas
All works available for purchase

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